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Wake Up Happy, Sis!

Helping You Become Happy, Healed, and Whole

Wake Up Happy, Sis! is a network specifically designed for dynamic and vibrant high performing and high achieving Black Women. We offer safe and supportive spaces where Black Women can come together to share their stories, connect with others, and find inspiration to live their best lives. WUHS places a high emphasis on self-care and healing from past traumas, which are often overlooked or ignored in high achieving environments.

Nourish Your Soul

Join me for the Soul Renewal Experience Retreats where we teach you how to release, renew and reclaim your sense of self with a supportive sisterhood.

Engage Your Mind

We start your self-care journey with courses and content to help shift your mindset and remove your internal barriers.

Helped me build confidence and resilience

Wake Up Happy, Sis! has been a blessing. As an entrepreneur, I often found myself struggling with self-doubt and exhaustion. This network taught me to prioritize myself and my well-being. I gained practical tips for navigating complex environments and building resilience. The InspHERation apparel line is a constant reminder of my journey towards self-love and strength. I feel more confident, focused, and resilient now. My business has flourished, and I am much happier in my personal life. Thanks to Wake Up Happy, Sis!, I am now living the life I always wanted. It's more than a network, it's a lifeline.

Patricia W.

I couldn’t write myself a love letter

It started with my inability to write myself a love letter, an exercise in one of LeAnne’s trainings. I had to take that to therapy because I just couldn’t do it. But I am happy to say that I was finally able to write my letter. Thank you for all you put into the world and wanting to help others. I love your concepts & creativity.

Jasmine R.

Becoming a happier me

Wake Up Happy, Sis! has changed my life. As a busy attorney, I was always stressed and struggled to maintain a work-life balance. The resources on this network, particularly the 8 dimensions of self-care, have significantly impacted my life. I learned how to navigate my demanding environment without compromising my well-being. I’ve noticed significant improvements in my mental health, professional life, and relationships. I now wake up feeling happy and whole, ready to face each new day.

Angela B..

What Form of Self-Care Should You Practice Right Now?

Create a Sacred Space
in Your Home

Breaking Free from the Shackles of Trauma: A Journey to Unconditional Self-Love

Breaking Free from the Shackles of Trauma: A Journey to Unconditional Self-Love

This blog post focuses on the importance of healing from past trauma and provides tips for achieving unconditional self-love. It emphasizes the need to acknowledge and validate feelings, practice self... ...more


January 21, 20232 min read

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The Wake Up Happy Facebook Group is where you can find your tribe and a safe space where you can just BE!

Tune In

On the Wake Up Happy, Sis Radio Show & Podcast, we get deep and talk about wellness, happiness, and all things in between, sis.

Meet LeAnne Dolce

Hey Boo Hey! I'm the CEO and Founder of Dolce & Lay. I have been a self-care enthusiast and a student of the wellness arts for over 15 years. Having been in the space of being overwhelmed with motherhood, family, work, school, community service, and all the other hats that I wore, I constantly put myself LAST. My health and my relationships suffered until I decided to take charge of my self-care and wellness FIRST, so I could be more present for all who needed me. Now my passion is helping African American women - professionals, entrepreneurs, and mom+ (the women who wear all the hats) reconnect with themselves through
Radical Self-Care!

Just what is Radical Self-Care? It's being authentic, intentional, and unapologetic about putting your self-care first. It's removing the guilt and promising yourself to #ReclaimYourMeTime so you are the best version of yourself for those who need you. It's thinking differently about self-care, Wellness, and your own self-discovery. It's building with a community of women who support one another along their journeys.